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PINDAD's Komodo Armored Vehicle: More Orders From TNI

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INDONESIAN military factory, PT Pindad, currently working on building six units of Komodo, an armored combat vehicle that has excellent maneuverability, ordered by TNI Special Forces, the Army, and the Police Mobile Brigade, said Pindad Director, Adik Soedarsono in Jakarta, Wednesday (31/10/2012)

Six units of the order ie, two variants of Komodo for the 10 Special Forces personnel, three variants of Komodo Armored (bulletproof) Personnel Carrier (APC) or a troop carrier for 10 personnel and one version of the missile mistral (anti-air attack) to the army. Komodo prototype was introduced in Ritech Expo in Bandung on September 2012.

Komodo weighing 4 tons and is 450 km cruising power, he said, other than machinery, the vehicle made ​​entirely by Pindad. The company completed the prototype since March 2012 and can be ordered and modified as desired.

Prototipe Komodo Polisi
Prototipe Komodo Polisi
Prototipe Interior Komodo Polisi

Panser 4x4

Panser Pendobrak Pindad





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