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Medan will be Equipped by a Squadron of Locally Made UAV

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THE Commanderof Indonesia Soewondo Air Base in Medan, Colonel (PNB) SM Handoko said, the Polonia Airport functions will be replaced by the air defense center in the north of Sumatra, if the public owned airport has been moved to the new airport, Kuala Namu ini Deli Serdang.

According to him, the main function of the determination is in accordance with new mandate from president that Lanud Soewondo did not join the operation transferred over Kuala Namu airport.

"Now there is dual function Polonia Airport, a public airport functions, another for defense function. We did not have a fleet of aircraft here. Just as a stopover place of fighter aircraft only. Well, in the future we will be equipped with a squadron of locally made reconnaissance aircraft and unmanned aircraft . The Locations shows that we are bounded by neighboring countries and is certainly very vital, so the presence of the planes are needed, "said Handoko, in Medan, Tuesday (23/10/2012).





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